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The Lanko®nect is a synthetic fibre rope connection for the main tow line that replaces a conventional cow hitch, shackle or similar hardware, providing tug operators with a quicker and safer connection during towing.

A typical tow line configuration comprises a main towing line with a forerunner, and perhaps a stretcher, as well as a cow hitch or connector hardware. Labourious and time consuming to make up, there is also a risk of a break in the costly main line and forerunner from overpulling. The Lanko®nect enables a new approach to tow line assembly by removing the need for a cow hitch knot or hardware. It also allows tug operators to set a calculated breaking force for the tow line configuration.

With the Lanko®nect there is a minimal chance of damage to other components such as the towing bit and winch on board the tug boat or ship bollard and, of course, the other lines in the towing configuration. By allowing a variable calculated breaking force to be set for the tow line – the Lanko®nect can be either the strongest connection or a calculated weak link in a towing configuration.

Lanko®nect benefits:

- quick and easy (dis)connection
- variable calculated breaking force
- cost savings
- connection to a wide range of synthetic ropes
- smoother line movement and easier handling because of the small knot

Download the Lankonect datasheet

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