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One-stop shop for fibre and steel wire ropes for tug, towing and mooring applications

With a renewed focus on safety in the tug and towing industry Lankhorst is committed to providing the equipment, like hawser, towing line and pennant, required to ensure the safety of crews and tugs. Lankhorst Ropes offers a range of proven equipment which increase on-board safety while reducing cost per tow. They include the Lanko®nect fibre rope connection, Strongline™ towing and mooring rope, Defender® high performance protective sleeve for hawser, towing line and pennant and KO-LINK towing ring.

The Lanko®nect is a synthetic fibre rope connection for the main tow line that replaces a conventional cow hitch, shackle or similar hardware, providing tug operators with a quicker and safer connection during towing. It enables a new approach to tow line assembly by allowing tug operators to set a calculated breaking force for the tow line configuration. Moreover, the small Lanko®nect knot provides smoother line movement, as well as easier handling, compared to a conventional and large bulky knot.

Lankhorst’s high strength Strongline rope offers high abrasion resistance and easy handling through its parallel core and braided protective cover design. As well as ensuring long service life the cover also provides protection to crew from snap back. Strongline’s highly visible orange markings also help to indicate twisting which may shorten the service life of the rope.

Similarly, Lankhorst Rope’s Defender® offers high abrasion resistance for hawser, towing line or pennant, preserving the condition of the ropes. Defender’s hollow braid design allows it to be easily adjusted to the size of rope being used and can be made from different types of yarns, in order to offer extra strength, floatability and other characteristics.

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Why Lankhorst ropes?

Innovation and high performance
Lankhorst Ropes has a reputation for excellence in product innovation. Both new and proven designs for Tug and Towing have been adapted and recognized by Tug owners and their crew all over the world. Our heritage, innovative products, worldwide coverage and specialized craftmanship has resulted in an ever growing customer base and references in one the most demanding markets.
Partner and problem solver
Lankhorst Ropes develops, manufactures and supplies a broad range of ropes directly from stock. Besides fast supply from our stock locations, Lankhorst Ropes has a dedicated confectioning center to meet the needs of the Tug and Tow market’s demands for specialized and tailor made solutions. As an additional service, our specialized engineers can train, install, service and inspect directly on board.
Though life, for life service model
Lankhorst Ropes: through Life, For Life gives Tug operators a portfolio of rope service life support and sustainability benefits unmatched in the industry. Through Life, For Life helps minimalizing risk and increase safety for people and environment.
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Ease of handling, and rope safety are the trademark of Lankhorst Ropes.

Manufactured in the EU using the latest in-house yarn extrusion and rope production techniques, rope construction is optimised to suit the application. All Lankhorst ropes are manufactured from premium materials, tested to OCIMF recommendations, and offer full rope traceability. Moreover, we work closely with our suppliers such as DSM Dyneema, to ensure the highest quality standards from raw materials, through to the manufacture, delivery and installation of the finished rope.

Consistent rope performance is vital during mooring and towing. Using Lankhorst ropes, vessel operators are assured that their ropes are made with the greatest materials consistency to provide the same elongation, and service life, enabling more efficient rope management.

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