Inland shipping

Over the next 20 years the volume of cargo transported through Rotterdam and other European ports is expected to increase significantly. With greater demand, and higher traffic flows, the smooth operation and movement of vessels will be critical. So too, will be the role of Lankhorst Ropes’ mooring, towing and push-pull ropes.


With over 200 years’ experience of supplying ropes for inland shipping, Lankhorst offers a one-stop shop for fibre and steel wire ropes designed to provide safe handling, outstanding service life, and meet the most demanding applications. The Lankhorst Tipto® Twelve is one of the most widely used ropes on inland vessels such as barges, bulkers, tankers and containers, where its rounder construction and increased abrasion resistance ensure a long service life.


Ease of handling, speed of mooring and rope safety are the trademark of Lankhorst Ropes. Manufactured in the EU using the latest in-house yarn extrusion and rope production techniques, the rope construction is optimised to suit the application. All Lankhorst ropes are manufactured from premium materials with full rope traceability. We can manufacture custom made rope lengths to suit the application.

As a leading rope manufacturer, we work closely with our suppliers such as DSM Dyneema to ensure the highest quality standards from raw materials, through manufacture, and delivery and installation of the finished rope. Through a close working relationship with DSM Dyneema, Lankhorst has developed the “Lanko®force with Dyneema® jacket”, a fibre rope to ‘couple’ push-pull tow barges together as an ‘easier to handle’ alternative to steel wire ropes.

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Why Lankhorst ropes?

Outstanding service life and low cost of ownership
Lankhorst Ropes helps shipping companies operating in highly competitive global markets maintain a competitive edge. Our broad range of fibre and steel wire ropes offer outstanding service life performance and, as a result, low total cost of ownership.
Service and delivery
Lankhorst Ropes maintains stock points at strategic locations and main ports worldwide. Thanks to our widespread network and global presence, you are ensured continuity of supply, fast service and short delivery times.
Partner and problem solver
Lankhorst Ropes develops, manufactures and supplies a broad range of ropes directly from stock. Besides fast supply of standard items and rope configurations, Lankhorst Ropes has a dedicated confectioning center to meet the needs of different market segments demands for specialized and tailor made solutions.
Ease of handling, speed of mooring and rope safety are the trademark of Lankhorst Ropes

Choosing the ideal rope for the vessel type and application is key to achieving a long service life. Using a combination of experience, knowledge from a range of applications and residual rope strength testing, Lankhorst works with operators to find the rope that best serves their needs. In addition, we provide training and ‘Through Life’ support to maximise a rope’s service life. In this way, we can reduce the frequency of rope replacement, and cut rope management costs and the rope’s impact on the environment.


Lankhorst Ropes is committed to sustainability in its products and operations, conserving energy and natural resources wherever possible. Once a rope has reached the end of its service life, we believe it can still be useful. Inland shipping fibre ropes can be recycled into moulded products such as plastic poles and planks and furniture for gardens and parks.


For inland shipping companies, Lankhorst Ropes offers the most comprehensive range of fibre and steel wire ropes, technical know-how, training and ‘Through Life’ support – we look forward to working with you.




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