Lankhorst Ropes has many years’ experience of developing and supplying ropes for dredging vessels and operations. Dredging is vital for ports as they grapple with the demands of accommodating ever larger vessels. Also, in coastal areas dredging is essential in mitigating the effects of global warming.

As dredging companies take advantage of new opportunities in offshore wind installation and decommissioning, here too Lankhorst Ropes is able to provide the experience and industry-leading products needed to meet new handling challenges.

For hoisting, luffing, mooring, heavy lift and sling applications, Lankhorst Ropes offers a broad range of high quality of fibre ropes, as well as steelwire ropes such as the in-house special 8/10 strand compacted with plastic core ropes produced by Casar and Oliveira.

Ease of handling and rope safety are the trademark of Lankhorst Ropes. Manufactured in the EU using the latest in-house yarn extrusion and rope production techniques, the fibre rope construction is optimised to suit the application. All Lankhorst ropes are manufactured from premium material with full rope traceability. Moreover, as a leading rope manufacturer we work closely with our suppliers such Dyneema® to ensure the highest quality standards from raw materials, through manufacture, and delivery and installation of the finished rope.

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Why Lankhorst ropes?

Reliability and safety
Lankhorst Ropes is fully certified according to ISO 9001:2008, our factories for both steel wire and fibre ropes are approved by many IACS members, such as Lloyds, DNV/GL, BV and ABS. In addition, Lankhorst Ropes incorporates features like higher visibility, traceability, snap back protection and lower weight in their ropes, making them easier and safer to use.
Innovation and high performance
Lankhorst Ropes has a reputation for excellence in product innovation, for example the Tipto Winchline anti-snap back feature received the ‘Innovation in Ship Operations’ award from SEATRADE in 2013. Lankhorst Ropes is leader in providing extraordinary solutions in terms of breaking strength, service life and ease of rope handling.
Partner and problem solver
Lankhorst Ropes develops, manufactures and supplies a broad range of ropes directly from stock. Besides fast supply of standard items and rope configurations, Lankhorst Ropes has a dedicated confectioning center to meet the needs of different market segments demands for specialized and tailor made solutions.
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Ease of handling, speed of mooring and rope safety are the trademark of Lankhorst Ropes

Lankhorst has a dedicated fibre rope R&D centre providing the technical know-how needed to produce award-winning rope innovations in rope handling and safety. Lankoforce HMPE ropes produced with high quality DSM Dyneema® fiber allow more and more steelwire ropes to be replaced with safer synthetic solutions.

For synthetic heavy lift slings and round slings, Lankhorst Ropes has taken a lead in the development of slings for offshore engineered lifting operations certified, according to the requirements of DNVGL-OS-E303. A certificated rope sling is important in ensuring greater reliability, durability and extended service life which, in turn, translate into reduced sling maintenance costs, repairs and replacement.

Lankhorst Ropes is Your partner for new build, and replacement ropes. The breadth and depth of our range of fibre and steel wire ropes and associated hardware, backed by a global network of stock points, means we are able to provide complete fleet supply ensuring your operations remain efficient and cost-effective.

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