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STRONGLINE™ has a rope construction comprising a parallel core with a braided protective cover. The parallel core produces a far higher strength rope than might be expected for a rope of this diameter and material. The protective cover ensures a long service life due to its excellent resistance against abrasion. Regular maintenance can significantly lengthen the rope service life. The main applications of STRONGLINE™ are towing and mooring. A major advantage of using STRONGLINE™ for mooring your product or crude carrier is that there is no requirement for mooring tails. This means a major cost and hassle reduction over the life of the vessel. No need for tail replacement every 18 months.

When STRONGLINE™ is installed on a towing winch, twists in the rope during installation can reduce the service life of the rope once put to work. To prevent twisting, it is crucial to use a turning table for unwinding from a coil. To facilitate the installation and avoiding induced twisting, a longitudinal marking has been added to the STRONGLINE™ during manufacture. Please make sure the longitudinal marking line is always on the same position while winding up the STRONGLINE™ on your towing winch.

  • Specific gravity1,38
  • TCLL value70%
  • UV-resistanceexcellent
  • Colourwhite
  • Abrasion resistanceexcellent
  • Marker Yarnorange
  • Chemical resistancegood
  • Water absorption< 1%
  • Melting pointapprox. 265°C
  • Elongation7,5%
  • Constructionparallel cores with jacket
  • A3 spliceyes



    STRONGLINE – more sailings, longer lasting mooring ropes

    Long term field trials have shown that Strongline has a service life exceeding 7 years, double the life time of traditional Atlas ropes under the same conditions and parameters.

    Metre for metre, Strongline is the most cost effective mooring rope for large container vessels. Combining outstanding quality with lower cost of ownership, compared with other leading brands, Strongline sets the benchmark for rope performance, durability and safety, it offers unbeatable value for money.

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