Through Life, for Life service model

Lankhorst Ropes: Through Life, For Life gives operators a portfolio of rope service life support and sustainability benefits unmatched in the industry.

From development of a mooring plan to rope selection and management through predictive service-life rope testing and training, Lankhorst provides complete ‘through life’ rope service – we want you to experience the benefit of working with our ropes in terms of longer rope service-life, easier handling and safe operation.

And then we go further. Commitment to Green manufacture combined with a longer lasting rope service-life, and ultimately rope recycling, translates into levels of sustainability that make a significant contribution to your environmental policies. Looked at in this way, life enhancing, sustainability is built-in with Lankhorst Ropes: Through Life, For Life; and it makes good business sense too!

STEP 1: Rope selection

STEP 2: Rope installation and crew training

STEP 3: Inspection / maintenance advice / training

STEP 4: Residual strength testing

STEP 5: Recycling of ropes


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