synthetic fibre rope slings for heavy lifting projects

Synthetic fibre rope slings as a viable alternative to steel wire rope slings

In recent years, high performance synthetic fibre rope slings have emerged as a viable alternative to steel wire rope (SWR) slings due to their intrinsic characteristics: equivalent load bearing capacity for the same rope diameter, lower weight and easier handling. These features enable faster lifting operations due to user-friendly ergonomics of fibre rope slings, which in turn translate into significant operational savings.

Used successfully in many offshore projects, widespread usage of high performance synthetic fiber rope slings has been hindered by their novelty, in comparison with steel wire ropes slings, and a lack of familiarity regarding performance, characteristics and discard criteria.

To build confidence and encourage widespread use of fibre rope slings, Lankhorst Ropes has conducted an industry leading R&D program into the performance of high performance fibre rope slings under realistic scenarios, to provide offshore installation companies with the ability to determine and predict fibre rope sling behaviour for safe use in lifting projects.

Lankhorst Ropes is present at strategic locations worldwide. Therefore, you are ensured continuity of supply, fast service and short delivery times. 


The R&D program included synthetic fibre ropes slings' performance and behaviour, in diverse service context and particular lifting scenarios,where the combined effect of interfaces,boundary conditions and failure modes are considered. 

Program output has included specific slings desing information such as bending efficiency reductions, accurate stiffness data (dynamic/static), temperature behaviour of rope slings during operations and other characteristics that can be used as input for engineering lifting design calculations.

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Why Lankhorst ropes?

Reliability and safety
Lankhorst Ropes conducts an Industry leading research program on the safe and reliable use of synthetic ropes in Offshore Engineered lifts. This program is witnessed by DNVGL to ensure safe and reliable products.
Innovation and high performance
Lankhorst Ropes is continuously working to improve the performance of our slings. Besides that we are working on smart solutions for Heavy Lifting. Some of these solutions will be ready to go to market in 2018. Lankhorst Ropes has a reputation for excellence in product innovation, for example the Tipto Winchline anti-snap back feature received the ‘Innovation in Ship Operations’ award from SEATRADE in 2013. Lankhorst Ropes is leader in providing extraordinary solutions in terms of breaking strength, service life and ease of rope handling.
Partner and problem solver
Our R&D department, engineers and application engineers are driven to solve your issues in Engineered Lifts. Together with our yarn suppliers, certification authorities and local distribution we are able to assist you. Lankhorst Ropes develops, manufactures and supplies a broad range of ropes directly from stock. Besides fast supply of standard items and rope configurations, Lankhorst Ropes has a dedicated confectioning center to meet the needs of different market segments demands for specialized and tailor made solutions.
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Ease of handling, speed of mooring and rope safety are the trademark of Lankhorst Ropes

High performance fiber rope lifiting slings from the heavy lift division of Lankhorst Ropes increase the lifting options for offshore contractors. They maximize crane lifting capabilities, provide a gentler lift and extend the reach of lifting / deployment systems in deepwater. Contact us to find out how Lankhorst Ropes can transform your offshore lifting. 

The Lankhorst Ropes LANKO®FORCE range of ropes produce slings with a minimum breaking load (MBL) of around 2.000 t in single leg configuration and 3.200 t in a grommet configuration.

For heavier loads, Lankhorst high performance GAMA98® Dyneema® rope can be used; we are able to offer 300mm diameter rope corresponding to a sling with 5000 t MBL (single leg) and 8,500 t MBL in a grommet configuration, allowing us to provide ropes for the most demanding heavy lift projects. 



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