Lanko®Force 12x3
Lanko®Force 12x3
Lanko®Force 12x3
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Lanko®Force 12x3Lanko®Force 12x3

LANKO®FORCE is a 12 strand braided rope where each strand is a 3 strand rope, resulting in a 12x3 patented construction.

Lifting slings made from these ropes are projectspecific to match customer requirements. Different diameter ropes (higher fiber content) are selected to match the load bearing capacity needed.

For sling applications, a premium Dyneema® fiber grade is used. This fiber combines maximum strength with minimum weight and is extremely durable and resistant to moisture, UV radiation and chemicals. The selected fiber grade is designed to perform in high demanding applications, such as heavy lifting, and offers the highest strength-to-weight ratio among all high performance fibers.

During production the rope is coated using a proprietary coating technology, which extends rope life and provides increased abrasion resistance. LANKO®FORCE 12x3 rope is an excellent alternative to conventional steel wire ropes. Its strength is higher than that of conventional steel wire rope and the corresponding weight is 7 times lower!

  • Specific gravity0,98 (floating)
  • UV-resistanceexcellent
  • Colouryellow
  • Abrasion resistanceexcellent
  • Chemical resistancegood
  • Water absorption0%
  • Melting pointapprox. 147°C
  • Elongation1%
  • Construction12x3 strand braided from 88mm and up

    elongationLanko®Force 12x3enlarge

    Lanko®Force 12x3enlarge

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