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Offshore Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation (EPCI) contractors are facing challenging times. While projects are under ever increasing cost pressure, their complexity and risks remain the same. Lankhorst Ropes offers EPCI contractors the experience, rope engineering and manufacturing capability and testing and technical resources to handle the most demanding project safely and cost effectively.

Lankhorst Ropes has unparalleled experience in offshore projects. First in the extremes of the North Sea, and then the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Asia, West Africa and Australia. In the Middle East, the concentrated, complex network of production islands and pipelines presents opportunities for both optimisation and the inevitable decommissioning of end-of-life fields and pipelines. Lankhorst Ropes is able to provide the ropes and slings needed when mobilising EPCI capital assets to complete the job efficiently.

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Why Lankhorst ropes?

Reliability and safety
Lankhorst Ropes is fully certified according to ISO 9001:2008, our factories for both steel wire and fibre ropes are approved by many IACS members, such as Lloyds, DNV/GL, BV and ABS. In addition, Lankhorst Ropes incorporates features like higher visibility, traceability, snap back protection and lower weight in their ropes, making them easier and safer to use.
Innovation and high performance
Lankhorst Ropes has a reputation for excellence in product innovation, for example the Tipto Winchline anti-snap back feature received the ‘Innovation in Ship Operations’ award from SEATRADE in 2013. Lankhorst Ropes is leader in providing extraordinary solutions in terms of breaking strength, service life and ease of rope handling.
Partner and problem solver
Lankhorst Ropes develops, manufactures and supplies a broad range of ropes directly from stock. A high degree of customisation to produce the most effective and efficient fit for purpose rope for your job is possible at Lankhorst Ropes
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For EPCI contractors, Lankhorst Ropes is able to:

  • De-risk the offshore project, providing project specific lifting, pipe pulling or mooring ropes;
  • Offer expert and knowledgeable input for Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) studies, and throughout the project;
  • Bring a global manufacturing capability -  no rope project is too large for Lankhorst;
  • Draw on world leading R&D and test resources to develop innovative rope engineering solutions to meet project requirements;
  • Deliver integrated, global, supply ensuring ropes are available when and where needed.

Global industries need global suppliers who are able to adapt to changing project environments. Lankhorst Ropes brings this experience and more to develop the leanest, yet most effective solution to ensure the job is “right the first time, every time.”

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