mooring ropes for Cruise vessels

One-stop shop for fibre and steel wire ropes for hoisting, luffing and mooring of river and ocean cruise vessels

Lankhorst Ropes offers a one-stop shop for a broad range of fibre and steel wire ropes for hoisting, luffing, and mooring for both river and ocean cruise vessels. They offer outstanding service life performance and, as a result, low total cost of ownership and minimal downtime.

One of Lankhorst Ropes’ greatest strengths is the ability to draw on the expertise and applications experience of its staff to find a rope to meet the customer’s needs. Lankhorst offers a range of materials and rope handling tools that can be deployed to meet the requirements of a wide variety of applications and vessels. 

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Why Lankhorst ropes?

Reliability and safety
Lankhorst Ropes is fully certified according to ISO 9001:2008, our factories for both steel wire and fibre ropes are approved by many IACS members, such as Lloyds, DNV/GL, BV and ABS. In addition, Lankhorst Ropes incorporates features like higher visibility, traceability and lower weight in their ropes, making them easier and safer to use.
Sustainable and environmentally friendly
Lankhorst Ropes is committed to sustainability in its products and operations, conserving energy and natural resources wherever possible. We introduced the maritime rope industry’s first recycling scheme for retired ropes, for use in moulded public furniture, poles and planks, for example.
Through life, for life service model
Lankhorst Ropes: through Life, For Life gives operators a portfolio of rope service life support and sustainability benefits unmatched in the industry. Through Life, For Life helps minimalizing risk and increase safety for people and environment.
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Ease of handling, speed of mooring and rope safety are the trademark of Lankhorst Ropes

Ease of handling, and rope safety are the trademark of Lankhorst Ropes as shown by Lankhorst’s award winning innovations. The A3 splice makes ropes easier to handle as there is no doubling of the rope in the splice area, so no doubling of weight, the rope maintains its natural flexibility, so no stiffness, and a neater spooling on the storage drum of the winch if the line has an eye at both ends. A non-loadbearing braided jacket brings several benefits including protecting the rope from abrasion.

Manufactured in the EU using the latest in-house yarn extrusion and rope production techniques, rope construction is optimised to suit the application. All Lankhorst ropes are manufactured from premium materials, tested to OCIMF recommendations, and offer full rope traceability. Moreover, as a leading rope manufacturer we work closely with our suppliers such as Avient (previously DSM) Dyneema, to ensure the highest quality standards from raw materials, through manufacture, delivery and installation of the finished rope.

Consistent rope performance is vital during mooring and towing. Using Lankhorst ropes, vessel operators are assured that their ropes are made with the greatest materials consistency to provide the same elongation, and service life, enabling more efficient rope management and supply through  Lankhorst Ropes’ extensive global stock point network. In this way, the risk of mixed mooring is eliminated.

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