STRONGLINE – more sailings, longer lasting mooring ropes

Long term field trials have shown that Strongline has a service life exceeding 7 years, double the life time of traditional Atlas ropes under the same conditions and parameters.

Metre for metre, Strongline is the most cost effective mooring rope for large container vessels. Combining outstanding quality with lower cost of ownership, compared with other leading brands, Strongline sets the benchmark for rope performance, durability and safety, it offers unbeatable value for money.

Strongline ropes last longer - allowing vessels to complete more sailings before mooring line replacement with reduced rope procurement and shipping costs, and savings in crew time for rope replacement.

Strongline has a proven track record in dry cargo shipping.  As a leading supplier of maritime ropes for over 200 years, with a global network of stock points, Lankhorst Ropes’ commitment to innovation and through life training and support is unmatched.

When the ‘cost of ownership’ becomes the ‘cost of opportunity’, the low cost of ownership of Strongline puts container ship operators in a far better position to respond to market opportunities than higher cost of ownership ropes.

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