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KO-LINK is a highly polished, lightweight, seawater resistant aluminium ring, which is inserted and attached to the spliced eye of the main tow line. The ring connects this main towline and the pennant by a LANKO®FORCE (HMPE) seizing. The advantage of such a connection is that a tow line overload protection configuration is created. This prevents the main towing rope, as well as the pennant, breaking, thus increasing rope service life. In addition, by using the KO-LINK there is no need to use the common cow-hitch knot which, if poorly made, can cause unequal loading on the eyes resulting in premature line failure. In the event a cow hitched pennant parts, often the eye of the main line gets distorted as well. This could result in total replacement of the whole towing rope configuration.

The KO-LINK also makes it possible to replace the pennant in an easy, quick and safe way. By implementing the KO-LINK in your towing configuration, it will reduce your cost per tow and increase safety on board.


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