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The Lankoloop is a custom made synthetic fiber rope eye that can be repeatedly opened and closed as needed. It uses a simple knot and eye connection to easily and quickly complete the connection between, for instance, the main tow line and pennant or the main mooring line and stretcher.

Simple and Strong Connection
Ease of handling and the ability to connect lines safely and quickly are vital in many towing situations, especially in adverse weather conditions. Lanko®loop is an all-in-one connection, no additional gear is needed. Simplifying the connection to a single openable eye ensures a safer operation without compromising on the strength of the complete line configuration.

The Lanko®loop can replace a conventional cow hitch, shackle or other hardware. Its simplicity allows many different mooring and towing configurations, as well as innovative approaches to mooring.

The Lanko®loop eye splice is made from HMPE (High Modulus Polyethylene) twelve-strand rope and can be connected to a wide range of synthetic ropes. Please consult Lankhorst Ropes to check the possible use of Lanko®loop in your specific application.

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