Strongline just got Stronger


Lankhorst Ropes has boosted the strength of the Strongline range of mooring and towing ropes. With a 10% increase in MBL for the same diameter, the new, enhanced Strongline polyester ropes expand the options for vessel and tug operators.

Increasing the Strongline MBL allows vessel and tug operators to use a smaller diameter rope for the application’s MBL. Through a combination of improved production processes and the easy to handle, 100% efficient A3 splice, Strongline MBLs now reach 4056kN at 112mm, up from 3650kN.

Strongline rope construction comprises a parallel core with a braided protective cover. The parallel core produces a far higher strength rope than might be expected for a rope of this diameter and material. The protective cover ensures a long service life due to its excellent resistance against abrasion.

The new Strongline ropes are designed to assist operators by maximising the rope’s MBL for their particular applications,” says Hans-Pieter Baaij, Commercial Director, Lankhorst Ropes. “It will allow them to use the same rope for a broader range of operational conditions during mooring and towing.

Rope Recycling

Strongline is included in Lankhorst Ropes’ innovative rope recycling scheme. When operators sign-up to the Rope Recycling Scheme, the retired Strongline ropes can be repurposed as picnic sets, plastic poles, planks and even complete landing stages, riverbank bank protection boards and bridges. Lankhorst’s initiative allows vessel and tug operators to dispose of their retired mooring lines in a sustainable way, reducing the impact on landfill and increasing recycling volumes.

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