Lankhorst Technical Briefing: Fibre rope slings certification


Lankhorst Ropes introduces a new series of Technical Briefings. These in-depth reviews of fibre rope constructions, testing methodologies, installation and deployment techniques together with key in-service performance characteristics, such as abrasion resistance, will assist engineers in getting the most from their Lankhorst ropes.

Fibre rope slings certification

Widespread adoption of synthetic fibre rope slings has been hindered by the lack of understanding of fibre rope characteristics and discard criteria; and because of limited available guidance for the engineering of lifts using synthetic slings.

This technical briefing reports on the importance of robust product certification, as provided by DNV GL with the DNVGL-OS-E303 standard. Robust product certification under DNVGL-OS-E303 means that the full production process, comprising manufacture, testing, assembly and commissioning, has been reviewed and found to comply with validated requirements

Download the Fibre rope slings certification technical briefing here.

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