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The TIPTOP® fender is produced in our own Lankhorst Recycling factory in Sneek and made from recyclable, high-quality plastic material. Due to this composition, the TIPTOP® fenders offer many advantages on board. They have been used with great success in the inland shipping for years. Furthermore, this product also contributes to a cleaner environment and fits perfectly with the sustainable living environment of today, because the TIPTOP® fender is made from recycled material, is not impregnated and is recyclable.

Advantages of TIPTOP® fender:

• optimal protection when mooring

• maximum damping

• shatterproof

• easy to handle

• longer lifespan

• no pinching of the rope

• special holes for the rope


NEW: special holes for the rope

On request of the inland shipping market, the so-called flaps have been replaced by holes through which the rope can be threaded to attach the fender.

This adjustment ensures that the TIPTOP® fenders on board are easy to handle and the special holes prevent the rope from getting pinched and breaking.

Download the TIPTOP® FENDER leaflet (in Dutch)

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