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Lankhorst Ropes is now offering an improved, longer-lasting, TipTop® fender. The popular fender continues to offer protection when mooring your ship together with maximum damping; while improvements in the fender’s design will prolong the service life of both the fender and fender rope.
The addition of ‘flaps’ between the fender’s partitions prevent the rope from getting stuck when the fender compresses / bounces. A further benefit of the improved TipTop® fender design is greater retention of its elasticity, meaning the partitions do not warp over time. In addition, the inclusion of an arrow indicating the sailing direction confirms the fender is installed correctly, ensuring maximum service life.
After extensive laboratory and field tests on various ships, the TipTop® fender’s feedback has been very positive. On the improved design a sailor who participated in the practice test said, “the TipTop® fender version 2.0 retains its dampening and ensures that during mooring the rope remains free, avoiding damage to the rope”.

The TipTop® fender is produced from recycled materials by Lankhorst Engineered Products; it can be recycled again and does not release any toxic substances. This means choosing the high performance TipTop® fender, with its long service life and low cost of ownership, is also the sustainable choice.

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