Lanko®four compacted
Lanko®four compactedLanko®four compacted
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Lanko®four compacted

A 4 strand, non-rotating, hoisting wire rope for use on cranes, such as Fukushima and IHI. Galvanized and lubricated to provide long protection against inner abrasion and corrosion, LANKO®FOUR has proved its quality in the maritime industry for well over 20 years now and is now used by most major shipping companies worldwide. Some ship cranes are designed for a higher pay load; the LANKO®FOUR COMPACTED wire rope has a higher MBF to accommodate this and to maintain the required safety factors. Both LANKO®FOUR versions have a thick outer wire making the wire robust and impact resistant in the often harsh conditions of loading and discharging.

    • Galvanized1
    • Greased1
    • 20601
    • RHRL1
    • Fibre Core1
    • No Swivel1
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