Euroflex®mooring tail
Euroflex®mooring tail
Euroflex®mooring tail
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Euroflex®mooring tail

Mooring tails absorb shock/energy within the mooring system. The EUROFLEX® MOORING TAILS surpass nylon tails in quality, as a result the energy absorption is greater, and the rope remains elastic for longer. Moreover, the rope does not lose a large portion of its dry MBF when wet. As the EUROFLEX® MOORING TAILS’ strength is higher than that of nylon, a smaller diameter of rope can be used, providing better handling. Made of polyester and polyolefin composite yarns, the standard length is 11 m (Effective Working Length). For those circumstances where more stretch is required, the EUROFLEX® MOORING TAILS are also available in 22 m EWL. Both versions are fitted with two protected and spliced eyes of 2 m and 1 m respectively.

OCIMF recommends mooring tails with a MBF of 125% related to the steel wire rope mooring line. Both versions are fitted with two protected and spliced eyes of 2 m and 1m respectively.

Made of:
47% polyolefin
53% polyester

  • Specific gravity1,14
  • TCLL value79,6%
  • UV-resistancegood
  • Colourwhite
  • Abrasion resistancevery good
  • Marker Yarnyellow
  • Chemical resistancegood
  • Water absorption<0,5%
  • Melting pointapprox. 165°C/ 265°C
  • Elongation12,5%
  • Construction8 strand plaited

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