Lankhorst Launches Enhanced Eurofloat Premium

Lankhorst Ropes is now able to offer an enhanced Eurofloat rope, Eurofloat Premium, using the latest in-house extrusion technology. The improved design makes Eurofloat Premium the ideal rope to meet the requirements of modern tanker fleets. Eurofloat Premium is lighter without compromising on strength, resulting in an easy to handle, stronger rope with a very competitive cost-of-ownership.

Eurofloat Premium improves on Eurofloat’s high Thousand Cycle Load Level (TCLL) value offering a rope with excellent fatigue resistance. Put simply, the TCLL value expresses the rope's resistance to tension-tension fatigue.

Lankhorst Ropes’ commercial director Hans Pieter Baaij said of the new rope “Eurofloat Premium improves on the standard Eurofloat rope through increased strength and reduced weight resulting an easier to handle rope which offers excellent value. The rope is produced under the latest standards and OCIMF requirements while the floating characteristic makes it a safe and easy rope to work with. You can recognize Eurofloat Premium by its white colour and double green tracer yarn.”

Rope Recycling
The new Eurofloat Premium rope is eligible for Lankhorst Ropes’ Rope Recycling
scheme. The program enables operators to return retired ropes and once tested see
them turned into new products including picnic tables and other garden furniture.
Hans Pieter Baaij commented “As part of Lankhorst Ropes’ drive to increase
sustainability within the company, we are happy to be able to offer our customers the opportunity to enhance their own environmental policies.”

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