Rope training for P&O Maritime


The ability to inspect and repair synthetic fibre ropes is vital in enabling long service life and safe towing. Lankhorst Ropes master splicer Paul de Moor and Middle East regional manager Mark Pieter Frölich recently provided onsite training to the crew of P&O Maritime onsite at the port of Jebel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

Lankhorst Ropes is committed to equipping crew with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure safe use of fibre ropes and maximum service life. The rope training showed P&O Maritime’s crew how a rope is built up, inspected, repaired and maintained in order to maximise rope performance on the 13 tug regional fleet.

Capt. Shaun Deshommes, Senior Marine Manager Jebel Ali operations, added “Due to continuous optimisation, the number of moves obtained from our ropes continues to rise. This is exactly the added value which we seek in a supplier.”

Lankhorst Ropes’ Mark Pieter Frölich commented “P&O Maritime’s tug fleet ranges from 25 to 85 metric tonne bollard pull. The current arrangement for the strongest tugs comprises of a Lankhorst’s Eurofloat®Premium main towing line connected to a Lanko®Force - Defender pennant. Standardising such a variety of vessels benefits from a joint approach, ensuring the environmental conditions and operating requirements are fully appreciated."

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