RollDock lifts Cranes with Lankhorst Slings


When RollDock, part of engineered heavy lift transport and installation solutions company Roll Group, was asked to ship three Liebherr LHM800 mobile harbour cranes from Rostock, Germany to Valparaíso, Chile, it opted to use a multipurpose vessel, avoiding the need to disassemble the cranes. “Shipping them complete meant the cranes would be ready for operation in a very short time, however we needed a method of lifting the cranes without damaging them which is why we chose Lanko®force HL fibre slings. The slings worked well and importantly were very easy to handle compared with steel wire rope slings,” says Erik Lindeman, Purchasing Manager at Roll Group.

In total Lankhorst supplied 14 Lanko®force HL slings to the multipurpose vessel 'RollDock Sky' to lift the LHM800 mobile cranes each weighing over 700 T. The LHM 800 is the most powerful mobile harbour crane in the world and can service vessels with up to 22 container rows across, depending on the terminal set up. The success of the first shipment has led to the subsequent use of Lanko®force HL slings for LHM 800 crane shipments from Rostock to Bourgas (Bulgaria) and Novorossiysk (Russia).

Typically, Lanko®force HL fibre slings are designed for engineered lifts. These are project specific, non-routine lifts and specially prepared and documented by industry procedures such as DNV-RP-H201. The factors governing the design of the slings include the load capacity of the rope, load elongation characteristics including stand and dynamic stiffness. Sling construction: eye and eye or endless (grommet), working length and environmental requirements. Lankhorst manufactures the Lanko®force HL range of heavy lift slings with a minimum breaking load (MBL) of around 2,000 tons in single leg configuration and 3,200 tons in an endless configuration.

For more information on Lanko®force HL slings and heavy lift contact Marcel van der Molen, Lankhorst Ropes Heavy Lift on email

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