MEG4 seminar provides clarity on mooring guideline confusion


A recent MEG4 seminar presented by the OCIMF and rope manufacturing leaders, including Lankhorst Ropes’ Hans Pieter Baaij, has provided guidance on the issues causing uncertainty around the new mooring guidelines.

"Through the seminar and summary article (available below) we believe we have provided some clarity on the issues, especially rope testing & certification. Please feel free to consult us on any OCIMF MEG 4 related questions which you need answering or take a look at Lankhorst’s mooring rope manual," commented Hans Pieter Baaij, Product Area Manager Wet Cargo.

Mooring Rope Manual

Lankhorst Ropes’ approach to MEG4 is both comprehensive and practical. The Lankhorst Mooring Rope Manual provides an in-depth introduction to mooring ropes – their construction, characteristics and certification, is followed by tips on rope selection to suit the vessel and mooring conditions. Understanding the factors affecting how mooring ropes perform in service such as the importance of handling and their application is vital to crew safety and rope service life. The manual has been written in such a way that answers to the vetting VIQ 7 questions are linked to each other.

Read ‘Unravelling the confusion around the MEG4 mooring guidelines.

For more information on MEG4 fully compliant ropes for LNG / LPG / Tanker operators, contact or download our mooring rope manual.

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