Lanko®nect – The Vital Connection at Tugnology ‘19


At Tugnology ’19 in Liverpool, 14-15 May, Lankhorst’s Jacco van Snippenberg will present ‘The Vital Connection’, a paper reviewing the towing connections available including the development of Lankhorst’s revolutionary soft shackle ‘Lanko®nect’. 

The Lanko®nect is a synthetic fibre rope connection for the main tow line that replaces a conventional cow hitch, shackle or similar hardware, providing tug operators with a quicker and safer towing connection that can be achieved at a lower cost per tow than conventional methods. Using Lankhorst’s fibre connection also allows operators to adjust the breaking force, tailoring the connection to each towing operation. 

Due to the advantages over conventional towing methods Lanko®nect has been embraced by many operators including Multraship Towage & Salvage, Smit Lamnalco and Johannsen Towage. I look forward to presenting to the Tugnology conference on how a soft shackle connection can have a transformational effect on the efficiency of towing businesses,” said Jacco van Snippenberg, Group Lead Tug & Towing, Lankhorst Ropes.

Join Jacco at 14:30, 15 May, to find out more.  

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