Lankhorst Ropes Raises the Bar with Heavy Lift Slings Certification


First company to achieve DNVGL-CP-0173 certification for fibre slings

Lankhorst Ropes is the first fibre rope manufacturer to achieve DNVGL Approval of Manufacture, for its heavy lift slings. The DNVGL-CP-0173 Offshore Fibre Ropes certification is an important stepping stone in the wider market acceptance of heavy lift, fibre rope slings. 

Lankhorst manufactures the Lankoforce HL range of heavy lift slings with a minimum breaking load (MBL) of around 2,000 ton in single leg configuration and 3,200 ton in an endless configuration. It has an on-going R&D program into the characteristics and performance of fibre rope slings with the aim of increasing the maritime and offshore industries confidence in a safe and reliable usage of fibre rope slings. 

Working in close collaboration with certification body DNV-GL, Lankhorst is developing a ‘Qualification of New Technology’ (DNV-RP-A203), together with the DNVGL-OS-E303 Offshore Fibre Ropes certification, which covers the technical requirements of offshore fibre ropes and offshore fibre tethers. Achieving DNVGL-CP-0173 Approval of Manufacture (AoM) certification shows that Lankhorst’s sling production process has been reviewed and evaluated, and it is now shown that it complies with the strict requirements for E303 certification. 

According to Rui Pedro Faria, senior R&D engineer, Lankhorst Euronete Portugal, “There is no specific standard for synthetic lifting slings, which is why we are taking a “New Technology Qualification” approach. Even if the customer does not want full E303 certification, the AoM guarantees that the product is made right, and in accordance with the highest quality standards.

With AoM certification, Lankoforce HL slings reaches another milestone to achieve a certification readiness status, according to DNVGL-OS-E303, which can be readily incorporated into a fully integrated heavy lift systems development, if required.

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