Lankhorst Ropes joins DSM and industry partners to launch CirculariTeam coalition


‘Closing the loop’ on Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™

Leading global maritime rope company, Lankhorst Ropes, has joined Royal DSM, a global science-based company in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living, along with leading industry partners, to launch a new coalition, known as CirculariTeam. The coalition aims to drive the transition towards renewable bio- and recycled based resources within its respective industry. CirculariTeam provides a common platform to share knowledge, resources, and technological solutions, with the goal of closing the loop on Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiberTM

The cross-industry coalition consists of parties from across the value chain that use DSM’s Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™, in their products. CirculariTeam aims to drive the transition towards renewable bio- and recycled based resources within its respective industry.  This matches DSM’s vision and mission of enabling a circular economy and keeping materials at their highest value for the longest possible time. 

CirculariTeam has identified seven focus areas: reverse logistics, recycle and reuse solutions, improved production efficiency (including waste reduction), separation of waste into material components, design for circularity, regulation, and information sharing. The parties have already begun collaborating on these topics and, by end 2021, CirculariTeam aims to demonstrate the technical feasibility of making new Dyneema® fiber from post-consumer waste. Throughout the coming years, the coalition will continue to reassess its ambitions and review its progress through regular summits and ongoing communication.

Roeland Polet, Co-Chairman of CirculariTeam and President DSM Protective Materials: “DSM is dedicated to securing the future availability of natural resources and maximizing the value from the limited resources available. CirculariTeam will serve as another opportunity to enable this, in line with our existing sustainability targets for DSM Protective Materials. Together with our partners, we can deliver solutions and growth that benefits both business and society at large.”

Wilco Stroet, Senior Vice President Global Maritime Lankhorst Ropes: "We are committed to the aims of the CirculariTeam coalition in the firm belief that it's our responsibility to leave the world better than we found it. Lankhorst Ropes has long seen sustainability as a key driver for growth and something we embrace wholeheartedly as part of our initiative to encourage circularity wherever possible."

James Kempston, CEO, NP Aerospace: “Dyneema® is a central component to NP Aerospace life-saving armor products and we use significant volumes year on year. We are pleased to be part of the CirculariTeam. It offers a much-needed forum for cross-industry collaboration on topics such as recycling and renewable materials. We have worked with DSM for over 15 years and it is clear that they are leading the way in manufacturing innovation and green initiatives. We are pleased to be collaborating on this coalition, it will not only enable us to better meet our customers’ growing demands for more sustainable, circular products, but we will be also be able to collectively build a better world for generations to come.” 

For more information about the industry coalition, please visit the website.

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