Lankhorst Euronete Australia produces Giant Lankonect


Lankhorst Euronete Australia (LEA) has produced a custom large version of Lankhorst Rope’s revolutionary soft shackle towing connection, Lankonect. At 60mm the giant Lanko®nect is almost three times the size of the standard 22mm diameter connector.

Commenting, LEA’s Account Manager - Maritime, Todd Power said, “Manufactured by LEA’s Head Splicer, Rick Daly, the Lanko®nect will provide a much easier to handle towing connection compared to the huge and heavy shackles the crew currently use. Arranged in a single loop, this Lanko®nect has a 347 ton MBF.

On the Lanko®nect Jacco van Snippenberg, Group Lead Tug & Towing, Lankhorst Ropes said, “Lanko®nect provides operators with a quicker and safer towing connection. Using synthetic fibre gives crews a connection which is both easy to handle and customisable to each job. By enabling operators to tailor the breaking force, Lanko®nect ensures crews have the tool for a range of tows without the need to carry a range of connectors.

Covering Australia from the Gold Coast in Queensland, and Perth in Western Australia, Lankhorst Euronete Australia supports operators across the maritime industry, as well as, the oil and gas, offshore, rigging and lifting, mining and commercial fishing industries.

For more information on Lankhorst Ropes’ Lanko®nect towing connection, email:

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