Lankhorst announces Lanko®force made of bio-base Dyneema® – first ever sustainable mooring and towing rope


Lankhorst Ropes is the first high performance rope maker to offer its maritime customers a rope made of Dyneema® produced in the most CO2 neutral and sustainable way. Lanko®force, made of bio-based Dyneema®, delivers the same performance as Lankhorst’s traditional ropes made of Dyneema®, but with the added benefit of significantly increasing the sustainability of maritime mooring and towing ropes for vessel operators.

Lanko®force made of bio-based Dyneema® is a game changer. For the first time there is a sustainable rope offering the outstanding performance we’ve come to expect from Dyneema®,” says Wilco Stroet, managing director, Lankhorst Ropes. “Lankhorst Ropes has long been committed to sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of maritime ropes, Lanko®force made of bio-based Dyneema® is an important addition to our range and will significantly enhance our customers’ sustainability credentials.”

Bio-based Dyneema® will carry the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification’s globally recognized ISCC Plus sustainability standard. ISCC is a globally applicable sustainability certification system and covers all sustainable feedstocks, including renewables.

Lankhorst - Sustainability Leader

For many years, Lankhorst Ropes has been an advocate of increasing the maritime industry’s sustainability and has worked with operators to reduce the impact of maritime ropes. It was the first, and is still the only, rope manufacturer providing recycling for the majority of its maritime ropes. Through initiatives such as ‘Through Life, For Life’, Lankhorst has systematically reduced the environmental impact of maritime ropes.

The addition of Lanko®force made of bio-based Dyneema® combined with Lankhorst’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing and logistics, longer lasting rope service-life, and rope recycling, allow levels of sustainability in mooring and towing line that significantly contribute to fleet operator environmental policies.

Through Life, For Life

Lankhorst’s ‘Through Life, For Life’ is a portfolio of rope service life support and sustainability benefits unmatched in the maritime industry. From development of a mooring plan to rope selection, predictive service-life testing and training, Lankhorst provides complete ‘through life’ rope service – in terms of longer service-life, easier handling and safe operation.

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