Heavy Lift Slings – More Offshore Lifting Opportunities


High performance fiber rope lifting slings from the heavy lift division of Lankhorst Ropes are increasing the lifting options for offshore contractors. The new Lankhorst Heavy Lift Slings brochure show how companies can cost-effectively maximize their crane lifting capabilities offshore.

The Lanko®Force range of ropes produce slings with a minimum breaking load (MBL) of around 2,000 ton in single leg configuration and 3,200 ton in a grommet configuration. Lanko®Force HL slings are available in two configurations, eye-and-eye (E&E) and endless loop (sometimes referred to as grommet).

Lanko®Force HL slings can be provided with a wide variety of different protective jackets to prevent damage to the sling base rope. Typically, a polyester jacket is used for external abrasion protection. Where heavy abrasion is expected a braided Dyneema jacket is used. The jacket also prevents damage to the rope’s load bearing fibers due to abrasion, cutting, particle ingress or UV degradation.

Lankhorst Ropes Heavy Lift R&D program

Lankhorst Ropes has an on-going R&D program into the performance of fiber rope slings with the aim of increasing industry confidence by providing a safe and reliable fibre rope sling with a realistic safety factor. The program looks at the complete lifting system, recognising that the slings are part of a complex system where interfaces between the sling, sling arrangement, crane, hook block, spreader bar, connecting hardware and lifted mass need to be understood and managed.

Lanko®Force HL slings have been developed as part of this program. The R&D program involves testing under realistic scenarios to develop comprehensive understanding of sling performance and behavior exposed to the combined effects of interfaces, boundary conditions and failure modes. As specific output, design information such as: bending efficiency reductions, accurate stiffness data (dynamic/static), temperature behavior of rope slings during operations, and other characteristics can be used as input for engineering lifting system design.

Lankhorst is working in close collaboration with certification body DNV-GL. The framework for Technology Qualification is used in association with the requirements of DNVGL-OS-E303 to demonstrate heavy lift sling suitability and safety of use. As a result, Lanko®Force HL slings have achieved a certification readiness status, according to DNVGL-OS-E303, which can be readily incorporated into a fully integrated heavy lift systems development, if required.

Offshore Energy 2018 – Meet the Heavy Lift Team!

Members of the Heavy Lift team will be on the Lankhorst Ropes booth 1.406 at the Offshore Energy exhibition on 23 – 24 October at the RAI in Amsterdam. If you would like to arrange a meeting, email Marcel van der Molen, Sales Manager, Heavy Lift on

To find out more about Lankhorst Ropes and Heavy Lift, download the new Lankhorst Heavy Lift Slings brochure.

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