Heavy lift leaders partner to develop new solutions


Lankhorst Ropes has partnered with Versabar, a world leader in the development and application of heavy lift solutions, and Precision Tension, high performance rope and complementary rigging supplier, to further develop and increase the use of synthetic heavy lifting solutions.

High performance synthetic ropes and slings have recently emerged as an alternative to heavy steel wire ropes and slings due to the many advantages they offer. Synthetic ropes provide an equivalent or higher load bearing capacity for the same diameter, lower weight and easier handling. Together these enable faster lifting operations, resulting in significant operational savings.    

"Many offshore projects have successfully used fibre rope slings, however, synthetic lifting solutions are not as widely used as would be expected from the benefits they bring. By partnering with Versabar & Precision Tension, Lankhorst is continuing to develop its high performance lifting solutions as well as spreading the use of synthetic ropes in heavy lifting applications. Together we will further enhance heavy lift project performance, safety & sustainability," said Wilco Stroet.



To build confidence and encourage widespread use of fibre rope slings, Lankhorst Ropes has conducted an industry leading R&D program into the performance of high performance fibre rope slings under realistic scenarios. The resulting information provides offshore installation companies with the ability to determine and predict fibre rope sling behaviour for safe use in lifting projects.

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