Chinese language Tug & Towing brochure now available


Lankhorst Ropes has launched a Chinese language version of its Tug and Towing brochure. "With the new Tug & Towing brochure we look forward to bringing Lankhorst's high performance ropes & towing equipment to China's world leading ports," said Jacco van Snippenberg, Group Lead Tug & Towing, Lankhorst Ropes.

In addition to outlining Lankhorst’s products, the Tug & Towing brochure discusses the importance of careful rope selection, installation, and training, followed by ongoing maintenance and inspection to ensure rope performance and service life. Commenting, Jacco van Snippenberg said, “Safety is paramount in the maritime industry. Lankhorst’s range offers operators proven equipment which increases on-board safety, and provides excellent performance, all while reducing cost per tow.”

Quicker & Safer Towing with Lanko®nect

Lanko®nect provides operators with a quicker and safer towing connection. Using synthetic fibre gives crews a connection which is both easy to handle and customisable to each job. By enabling operators to tailor the breaking force, Lanko®nect ensures crews have the tool for a range of tows without the need to carry a range of connectors,” said Jacco van Snippenberg.

You can download the Chinese language Tug & Towing Brochure here.

For more information on Lankhorst’s towing range including Lanko®force rope and Lanko®nect towing connection email: and visit our Tug and Towing page.  

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