Alfons Håkans successfully refloats ‘Trias’ with Lankhorst ropes


When Finnish harbour towage and salvage company, Alfons Håkans, was awarded the contract to refloat a barge that had run aground, it approached Lankhorst Ropes to quickly supply a range of towing equipment. Reduga Shipping’s barge Trias was under tow when poor weather conditions caused the towline to part from the vessel, leaving the barge to drift until it ran aground on the protected Natura 2000 area near the deepwater port of Ventspils, Latvia.

To facilitate the timely salvage, Lankhorst Ropes supplied a Lanko®force towing line, produced to Alfons Håkans’ specification, and Lanko®force messenger line. “From Alfons Håkans’ initial inquiry we were able to produce the custom Lanko®force towing rope and make it available for delivery within two days. Lankhorst Ropes will always try to help our customers achieve the deadline and performance desired,” noted Sander Prent, Operations Manager, Lankhorst Ropes.

Alfons Håkans’ tugs Thor and Poseidon utilised Lankhorst’s equipment to complete the demanding salvage operation of barge Trias without any damage to the environment, safely delivering the barge to Riga. Commenting, Kimmo Lehto, HSSEQ Manager, Alfons Håkans, said, “Timely delivery of the 1200-meter floating Lanko®force Dyneema® rope made the salvage operation possible as the shallow water next to the beach meant our tug, Thor, couldn’t get any closer to the barge Trias.”

Quicker & Safer Towing with Lanko®nect

In addition to the Lanko®force ropes for the salvage operation, Alfons Håkans also ordered an additional four Lanko®nect softline towing connections with Defender protection to add to their current supply. On the Lanko®nect Jacco van Snippenberg, Group Lead Tug & Towing, Lankhorst Ropes said, “Lanko®nect provides operators with a quicker and safer towing connection. Using synthetic fibre gives crews a connection which is both easy to handle and customisable to each job. By enabling operators to tailor the breaking force, Lanko®nect ensures crews have the tool for a range of tows without the need to carry a range of connectors.”

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