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LankoŽLift S – raising the standard for offshore cranes

25 April 2017

The bright yellow Lanko®Lift S rope, made by Lankhorst Ropes, consists of 12 braided outer strands made of the high-tech material Dyneema®. The properties of these special fibers result in a breaking strength equal to a steel rope of the same thickness. The construction of the rope core is specially designed to achieve the required resistance to transverse pressures.

Laboratory tests have produced excellent results for breaking strength and projected service life based on the reversed bending cycles completed during testing. An additional noteworthy feature is the special coating treatment applied to the fibers to reduce interior friction and increase UV resistance. Further laboratory testing and initial trials using crane equipment are in the planning phase.

Extensive tests have shown, even in very demanding working conditions such as CBOS-"cyclic bending over sheave" testing, that Lanko®Lift S has a superior bending fatigue resistance,” says Andreas Schmeiss, SVP Global Cranes, WireCo Worldgroup.

The Lanko®Lift S rope is extremely low weight and exhibits great flexibility. Not only do these characteristics make the handling of the product so much easier during installation and hook block changes, they are also suitable for higher payloads, especially with higher lifting heights and longer jib lengths. The low maintenance requirements are a further advantage that is immediately realizable, since synthetic ropes of this type are corrosion-proof and require no further lubrication.
For more information on Lanko®Lift S, contact Christian Schorr-Golsong, Director Product Marketing, Casar Drahtseilwerk Saar GmbH, on email: ChristianSchorr-Golsong@wirecoworldgroup.com.
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