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Smit Salvages uses LankoŽforce and LankoŽEight to pull "Glory Amsterdam" to safety"

04 June 2018
Lankhorst Ropes’ Lanko®force rope with Defender jacket and Lanko®Eight were recently employed by maritime salvage specialist, SMIT Salvage, to refloat the grounded bulk carrier “Glory Amsterdam”. The Panamax-size ship had drifted aground due to heavy weather close to Langeoog Island, part of the East Frisian Islands in the Lower Saxon Wadden Sea. SMIT Salvage was awarded the contract to recover the vessel. Once on site, SMIT attached Lanko®force pennant and Lanko®Eight mainline and removed the ballast water required for the ship to float at high water.  

Lanko®force and Lanko®Eight’s 12 strand braided design is well-proven in maritime applications demanding high strength and provides an excellent alternative to heavy and lumbersome steel wire ropes, where manual handling of the rope is required.
The salvage was a textbook operation. This was the first time we have used both a Dyneema forerunner and mainline; utilising Lankhorst’s Lanko®force as a forerunner made rope handling much easier as the rope is lighter and less rigid than steel wire,” said SMIT Salvage. “Once refloated we were able to successfully tow the Glory Amsterdam to a dry dock in Bremerhaven. Lankhorst’s Lanko®force and Lanko®Eight are an excellent towing combination.
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