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Safer and quicker LNG tanker and shuttle tanker mooring

19 July 2017
Safe and efficient LNG tanker and shuttle tanker mooring is the theme of the Lankhorst Ropes stand (B25) at Dönso Shipping Meet. A leading supplier of maritime ropes, Lankhorst’s Lanko®force and Tipto® ropes are widely used in LNG shipping.
Recently, Sirius Shipping selected Lanko®force, 26mm with Tipto® jacket and Tipto®Twelve mooring lines for the new Coralius LNG tanker.
The vessel is designed for both efficient short sea trading and STS LNG bunkering operations for all types of seagoing vessels.
Lanko®force is a 12 strand braided rope, made from Dyneema® yarns. This lightweight rope is an excellent alternative to heavy and lumbersome steel wire ropes in situations requiring manual handling of the rope. It is stronger than conventional steel wire rope yet the corresponding weight is 7 times lighter! Moreover, Lanko®force enables safer and quicker moorings; and significantly reduces tug and line boat time and costs during mooring and unmooring, as well as eliminating steel wire handling accidents.
Tipto®Twelve is a high performance mooring ringtails rope. The strength, abrasion resistance and energy absorption characteristics of Tipto® ensure a long service life and low cost-of-ownership. Importantly, Tipto® yarns do not absorb water, making these ropes ideal for arctic conditions as frost will not damage the rope.
Lankhorst Ropes’ ‘Through Life, For Life’ service package gives operators a portfolio of rope service life support and sustainability benefits unmatched in the industry. It covers everything from development of a mooring plan to rope selection and management through predictive service-life rope testing and training. ‘For Life’, reflects Lankhorst’s commitment to Green manufacture and sustainability which, combined with a longer lasting rope service life, and ultimately rope recycling, translates into levels of sustainability that make a significant contribution to an operator’s environmental policies.
For more information on Lankhorst maritime ropes call +31 (0)515 487698, and email maritime@lankhorstropes.com and visit www.lankhorstropes.com.