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Meet the team…Lankhorst Euronete Australia

05 December 2016
In this edition of ‘Meet the Team’, we meet Cheryl Vogler, Marcel Vos, Rick Daly and Andrew Sutherland from Lankhorst Euronete Australia. Covering Australia from the Gold Coast in Queensland, and Perth in Western Australia, Lankhorst Euronete Australia support operators across the maritime industry, as well as, the oil and gas, offshore, rigging and lifting, mining and commercial fishing industries.
Cheryl Vogler, Managing Director, “Our aim is to provide maritime operators with the highest quality service. We work hard to capture every available opportunity, focusing on offering quality products and expert advice. By taking the time to get to know our customers and their application, we supply the ropes and hardware that best meets their needs.
Rick Daly, Head Splicer, “Using the right rope is key. Often the requirements of an application call for a tailored solution in order to deliver the best performance. Most of the time this simply means splicing our products into a different configuration but it can also mean developing a product that has never been offered before; whatever the application we welcome the chance to use our expertise to produce an innovative rope solution.
Marcel Vos, Maritime Sales – Western Australia, comments “A close second to choosing the right rope is using it in the right way. At Lankhorst Euronete Australia, we will always do everything we can to help our customers get the most from their ropes; for me this meant undergoing Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) so we can conduct rope training offshore. For Lankhorst customers this means our ‘Through Life, For Life’ service package.
Continuing, Commercial Director Andrew Sutherland said “Lankhorst Ropes’ Through Life, For Life service gives operators an unmatched portfolio of rope service life support and sustainability benefits. From mooring plan development to rope selection and management through predictive service-life rope testing and on-board training, Lankhorst provides complete ‘Through Life’ rope service. Lankhorst’s expertise on a variety of applications and knowledge of local and worldwide conditions offers operators longer rope service-life, easier handling and safe operation.
Australians love protecting their environment. Lankhorst’s ‘For Life’ commitment to Green manufacture, longer lasting service life and rope recycling is welcomed by our customers” said Rick Daly.
Cheryl Vogler, finishes “Lankhorst’s aims are to continuously improve and to set the benchmarks in the industries which we work. By making a range of high performance products and a wealth of expertise accessible, Lankhorst hopes to provide its customers with industry leading products and a valued partner.
For more information on Lankhorst maritime ropes call +31 (0)515 487698, and email maritime@lankhorstropes.com and visit www.lankhorstropes.com.