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Meet the Domestic Sales Team

07 November 2017

In this edition of Meet the Team, we meet Lankhorst’s Domestic Sales Team who cover The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France.  
Speaking on the domestic market, sales manager Ron Riethoff said “With Europe’s two largest ports, Rotterdam and Antwerp, just the tip of the iceberg there is a huge amount and variety of maritime activity throughout the Benelux area and France. Our role is to provide operators in the area with the best solution for their needs whether it’s for mooring, towing, dredging or any other rope application."
Continuing Michel de Waard, area sales manager, said “At Lankhorst we look to work with the whole organisation. In the maritime market it’s important to not only be in contact with customers in offices but vital to visit vessels to meet the crew who will actually use the ropes. Talking with crew members helps us better understand how they use Lankhorst’s products and what is important to them in rope handling. Using this approach, we can provide our customers with tailor-made, high performance solutions.
On the benefits of Lankhorst Rope’s service Elles Munstra, domestic sales, commented “The Domestic Sales team can provide operators with an unmatched portfolio of rope service life support and sustainability benefits as a result of Lankhorst Ropes’ ‘Through Life, For Life’ rope programme. ‘Through Life’ covers the rope’s whole service life including mooring plan development, rope selection, rope training and management to predictive service-life rope testing; Lankhorst’s ‘through life’ rope service offers operators longer rope service-life, easier handling and safe operation. ‘For Life’ Lankhorst Ropes’ produces its ropes using Green manufacture, innovates to extend rope service-life, and ultimately, where possible, recycles retired ropes. These actions enhance rope sustainability, making a significant contribution to customer environmental policies.
For more information on Lankhorst maritime ropes call +31 (0)515 487698, and email domestic@lankhorstropes.com and visit www.lankhorstropes.com
From left to right: Elles Munstra, Vanessa van Leeuwen, Edwin de Groot, Marianne Sap, Ron Riethoff and Michel de Waard (Donna den Houdijker is missing on the photo)