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Maritime Forum Presentation - Mooring Rope Management

13 March 2018
Effective rope management is critical to crew safety and the operational availability of the vessel itself. In the APM Maritime Forum Presentation, Wilco Stroet, Senior Vice President Global Maritime, Lankhorst Ropes, shows how following a few simple guidelines can improve rope procurement and management to enhance shipping operations and competitiveness - 14 March at 2.00 PM - 2.30 PM, Orange Deck, Basement 2, Hall F.

The presentation will consider the key practical and business issues concerned with safe mooring practices. These include the development of mooring systems suitable for the intended vessel service, with maximum integration of related mooring and equipment standards across a range of ship types and sizes.

Assessing environmental and terminal conditions, including swell and wind loads, is the starting point for effective mooring system planning. Understanding the ship's restraint requirements enables selection of the mooring rope and fitting types as well as retirement criteria for mooring lines. A high standard of mooring rope management is essential for the safety of a vessel’s crew, and the vessel itself. It is essential to avoid mixing mooring ropes as this will inevitably lead to snap-back, endangering both crew and terminal personnel. The presentation will show how following a few simple guidelines can avoid many mooring problems.

Rope care and maintenance is also crucial. On-board crew training provides operators with rope handling and maintenance expertise to preserve the rope’s condition and ensure the safety of the crew. It forms part of the Lankhorst Ropes’ ‘Through Life, For Life’ initiative aimed at longer rope service-life, increased crew safety and the environmentally responsible disposal of retired ropes.