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Lankhorst’s Singapore Stockpoint…A Vital Connection

19 July 2017
Shipping is one of the world’s biggest activities, with around 90 percent of trade involving shipping; for operators to perform this critical role efficiently it is essential that vessels have what they need, when they need it.
Lankhorst Ropes’ commercial director - maritime, Hans-Pieter Baaij said of Lankhorst’s Singapore stockpoint, “Singapore is one of the most important shipping hubs in the world, offering bunkering as well as stores and provisions for the largest container ships. Increasing vessel size means the loads for mooring ropes have also grown. When a rope needs replacing it is essential to replace it promptly as an underperforming rope places greater force on the other ropes. Making Lankhorst’s range of ropes readily available through our stockpoints worldwide including Singapore helps our customers operate efficiently and safely. All Lankhorst ropes are manufactured in Lankhorst factories; this ensures consistent quality and proven performance, meaning the crew know a new Lankhorst rope will behave and perform just like the rope it replaced.
Lankhorst Ropes has stockpoints in: Algeciras, Cape Town, Durban, Fujairah, Houston, Panama, Rotterdam and Singapore. 
For more information on Lankhorst maritime ropes call +31 (0)515 487698, and email maritime@lankhorstropes.com and visit www.lankhorstropes.com.