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Lankhorst Ropes for a Competitive Edge at APM 2018

13 March 2018
Longer lasting mooring ropes, that give ship and fleet operators a competitive edge in shipping operations, are featured on the Lankhorst Ropes booth E-J26 at APM 2018. Lankhorst offers the tools, experience and support needed to reduce rope cost of ownership, streamline rope procurement and enhance crew safety.
Lankhorst Ropes is a world leading supplier of synthetic fibre and steel wire ropes for the maritime and offshore industries. A high standard of mooring rope management is essential for the safety of a vessel’s crew, and the vessel itself. Part of the WireCo WorldGroup, Lankhorst Ropes has consistently taken a lead in reducing rope cost of ownership through efficient rope procurement and management, from rope selection and training to online access to certificates, and ultimately rope recycling.

Longer lasting Lankhorst ropes give vessel operators a clear competitive edge. They avoid the need to factor in the additional cost of rope procurement and crew downtime during more frequent rope replacement with lower quality ropes,” says Wilco Stroet, Senior Vice President Global Maritime, Lankhorst Ropes.