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Lankhorst Ropes at the Gastech 2017

30 March 2017
Longer Lasting Mooring Ropes for LNG Shipping

LNG Shipping operators have never faced greater cost and operational demands. Lankhorst Ropes’ Through Life, For Life rope initiative gives operators a portfolio of rope service life support and benefits unmatched in the industry. By ensuring longer lasting mooring and towing ropes, vessel operators can make significant savings through lower cost of ownership.

Optimising mooring and towing operations is an important factor in LNG shippers achieving efficient loading and unloading – reducing unnecessary and costly delays and additional port charges.  Drawing on many years’ experience of mooring tankers in ports across the globe, Lankhorst can advise on the optimum rope selection based on knowledge of the trading route, including type of mooring, expected swell conditions, possible currents and risks of surging.

Get it right first time

Effective rope management is vital to the cost-effectiveness and safety of mooring operations. By combining Lankhorst’s knowledge of mooring conditions, and predictive service-life rope testing, operators are able to make informed decisions on rope service life and replacement.

Rope care and maintenance is also crucial. Lankhorst’s on-board crew training provides operators with rope handling and maintenance expertise to preserve the rope’s condition and ensure the safety of both crew and vessel. Utilising Lankhorst Ropes’ ‘Through Life’ rope support provides operators with benefits including longer rope service-life, easier handling and safer operation.

•    Installation of rope and training of crew with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure safe use of fibre ropes and maximum service life.

•    Inspection/maintenance/training - Regular inspection is important in ensuring maximum rope service life. In addition to the crew training on rope handling and inspection, Lankhorst Ropes will make periodic visits to the vessel in port to undertake: hardware inspection, full rope length inspection, and update crew training.

•    Residual strength testing - Lankhorst Ropes provides a continuous residual strength testing program to assist in determining the safe and economical time to end for end ropes and when to retire ropes.


Lankhorst Ropes has a reputation for excellence in product innovation. Multi-award winning rope innovations, for example, the Tipto® Winchline anti-snap back feature, and A3 splice. We are leaders in providing extraordinary solutions in terms of breaking strength, service life and ease of rope handling.
Problem Solver

Lankhorst Ropes develops, manufactures and supplies a broad range of ropes directly from stock. Besides fast supply of standard items and rope configurations, Lankhorst Ropes has a dedicated confectioning centre to meet the needs of different market segment demands for specialized and tailor made solutions. In close consultation with our clients, we can bring nearly any desired product to market.

Green Manufacture and Rope Recycling

In addition to ‘Through Life’ support, Lankhorst Ropes’ ‘For Life’ reflects our commitment to Green manufacture; which when combined with a longer lasting rope service-life, and rope recycling, enable levels of sustainability that make a significant contribution to your environmental policies.

Retired ropes are subject to residual rope testing to assist in determining the safest and most economical time to retire the ropes, based on mooring hours, i.e. the number of hours a line has been used in mooring the vessel. The ropes can then be recycled in an exclusive program for Lankhorst customers. It is not intended for ad hoc single rope returning for recycling as an alternative to disposal by our customers. Instead the intention is that the whole fleet will be sailing with recyclable ropes over time.

Lankhorst’s ropes that can be recycled into new polymer products include Tipto® Winchline, Tipto® Eight, Eurofloat® Premium, Euroflex® Mooring Tail and Eurosteel ropes. An example is the KLP Deck Covers produced by Lankhorst Engineered Products for offshore vessels.

To find out how Lankhorst Ropes’ Through Life, For Life can extend the service life of your mooring and towing lines, visit us at the Gastech 2017 in Tokyo, booth 14-380 or contact us via maritime@lankhorstropes.com.