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Lankhorst Ropesí Cairo Seminar presents the Benefits of High Performance Ropes

25 October 2016

Choosing a mooring, towing or lifting rope is no easy task. With hundreds of options between synthetic and steel wire ropes, and multiple operational factors to consider for each application, finding the right rope can be a challenge. To help Egyptian operators achieve the level of safety, operational performance and cost-of-ownership desired, Lankhorst Ropes delivered a technical seminar in Cairo on rope selection.
Presented by Raafat Hammad, WireCo District Manager – North Africa, and Mark Pieter Frölich, Lankhorst Ropes’ Middle East regional director, the seminar showed how Lankhorst’s high performance synthetic and steel wire ropes meet the needs of operators facing a range of demanding applications.
Mark Pieter Frölich, Lankhorst Ropes’ Middle East regional director comments “Rope selection is key to achieving high performance, long service life and therefore low cost-of-ownership. Criteria that should be considered include: elongation properties, rope flexibility, break load, safety risks, environmental conditions and international standards.
However, equally important as selecting the right rope is using the rope correctly. Unless the crew are trained and vessel hardware tailored to the ropes used, the rope is vulnerable to damage. Lankhorst’s holistic approach ensures the recommended rope meets the needs of the application and environment, as well as, making sure both the vessel and crew are prepared.
‘Through Life, For Life’ Rope Support
Lankhorst Ropes’ Through Life, For Life service gives operators a portfolio of rope service life support and sustainability benefits unmatched in the industry. From development of a mooring plan to rope selection and management through predictive service-life rope testing and training, Lankhorst provides complete ‘Through Life’ rope service. Lankhorst’s expertise on a variety of applications and knowledge of worldwide conditions offers operators longer rope service-life, easier handling and safe operation.
‘For Life’, Lankhorst is committed to Green manufacture which combined with a longer lasting rope service-life, and ultimately rope recycling, translates into levels of sustainability that make a significant contribution to operators environmental policies.
For more information on Lankhorst high performance synthetic and steel wire ropes call +31 (0)515 487654, and email maritime@lankhorstropes.com and visit www.lankhorstropes.com.