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Florida Cruise Industry Rope Recycling Initiative nominated for Seatrade Award

04 June 2018
Lankhorst Ropes’ Florida Cruise Industry Rope Recycling Initiative has been nominated for the Seatrade Corporate Social Responsibility award. Available at the main cruise terminals in Florida, the initiative allows retired ropes to be repurposed as picnic sets, plastic poles, planks and even complete landing stages, riverbank bank protection boards and bridges.
Cruise lines use some of the most innovative recycling, reducing and reusing strategies in the world. The Mooring Rope Recycling Initiative will assist the cruise lines in going further by repurposing synthetic fibre mooring lines previously sent to landfill. The Lankhorst rope recycling initiative is scheduled to become available at the following cruise terminals: Port of Miami, Port Everglades and Port Canaveral.
We were delighted to announce the cruise industry’s first mooring rope recycling scheme,” says Feike-Jan Bergstra, area sales manager, Lankhorst Ropes. “Lankhorst’s initiative will allow cruise lines to dispose of their retired mooring lines in a sustainable way, reducing the impact on landfill and increasing recycling volumes.
Proven Rope Recycling Scheme
Over 15 years ago, Lankhorst Ropes introduced the rope industry's first recycling scheme for retired maritime ropes. Since then it has repurposed many tons of mooring ropes for a new life in a variety of applications. Lankhorst Ropes is part of the Royal Lankhorst Euronete Group which is also one of Europe's leading plastics recyclers. When ropes are returned, a confirmation of receipt for recycling is issued.
Many Lankhorst ropes are already recycled, including Tipto®, Euroflex®, Eurofloat® Premium and Strongline. Ropes which can join the recycling process are supplied with a works certificate containing the rope's unique number and recycling scheme logo.
‘Through Life, For Life’ Sustainability
The Lankhorst Ropes ‘Through Life, For Life’ gives operators a portfolio of rope service life support and sustainability benefits unmatched in the industry. From development of a mooring plan to rope selection and management through predictive service-life rope testing and training, Lankhorst provides complete 'through life' rope service - we want you to experience the benefit of working with our ropes in terms of longer rope service-life, easier handling and safe operation.
For more information on Lankhorst Ropes Florida Rope Cycling Initiative, email: maritime@lankhorstropes.com.